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The Fishyguy Government refers to the period from October to December 2006, in which the Libertarian Party under Fishyguy was in government, following a coalition with the Centre-Right Party. After a sound election victory over the left-wing candidate Curiaistan, this term began well.

Major Events

It became clear early on in the Fishyguy Government that the government had become somewhat inactive and was not prepared to live up to certain Liberalian trends concerning government activity. A number of key figures responded to this with quiet complaints, but little was done for the first few weeks. The Libertarian Party maintained that it was suffering from a lack of cooperation from left-wing ministers and members, which was hampering activity. Rightly or wrongly, there were considerable arguments over the way the government was ruling, whilst little was done over recruitment.

The recruitment crisis which took place during the Fishyguy Government saw the regional popualtion of Liberalia fall from 280 to 130, something that raised alarm bells across the region. The Libertarian government had not make any agenda in terms of recruitment, and had appeared to have adopted a "hands off" approach to government, which perhaps had contributed to the lack of recruitment. However, the apathy of older members also can be said to have played a part in it. It was this situation that heavily influenced the Defence Minister, Carops to openly challenge the government.

Throughout the term, there was a growing conflict between the Prime Minister, and the Defence Minister. Fishyguy and Carops, as well as being polar opposites, appeared to be unable to work together. It seems that this began after Carops had been censured by Fishyguy and reported to the Guardian Council for upholding a ban on Haelhan retaining moderator rights, after having abused them. This was perceived as an attack upon Carops, who was quick to continue not to cooperate with Fishyguy's wishes.

Liberalia's parliament was filled with aggressive and ill-humoured debates throughout this time, with a number of members expressing a desire to leave politics over it. Discussions had become unworkable, as Libertarian members and Left-Wingers clashed over the same issues again and again, challenging each other's right to repeal the others' bills. This state of affairs could not continue, despite the disagreements over whose responsibility it was to put a stop to it. Some left-wingers, feeling that their views were being insulted and spat upon by the arrogance of the ruling party, comspired to oppose the government directly. This resulted in the publication of Carops' "The Rise of the Right II: The Truth" article.

The article was a scathing attack upon the Prime Minister and the wider Libertarian party for inactivity, perceived rudeness and arrogance, and bringing the region close to its death. It had an immediate effect, with outrage from the right and enthusiasm from the left-wing. Cooperation between the different sides of the political spectrum appeared to have broken down, and Carops was sacked as Defence Minister for writing the article, something which provoked resignations from left-wing ministers and further bitterness, despite Carops' protest that he thought his sacking had been reasonable, given what he had written about the government.

The remainder of the term was quiet, and an exodus of leading Liberalians began. Carops himself, along with Ardalia and others left for Crimea, after ejected the puppets of right-wing members from the region (Crimean Coup). Haelhan departed, and many other left-wing members placed puppets in Crimea to continue discussion there. As a mark of increasing polarisation, right-wing members began to move nations to Lichentia, a region founded by Hammer. This region and Crimea never fully recognised one another.


The legacy of the Fishyguy Government has been one of division and decline. This decline has often been blamed directly on the Prime Minister. The end of Fishguy's term was marked by the re-election of Fernetti as the major left-wing candidate and the formation of the Popular Front. Fishguy himself, left in anger after recognising that he and many political allies had frozen out of power, or as one person put it, "that nobody would cooperate with him again." This continued the legacy of bitterness and division which saw his departure and that of several libertarians permanently. After Fernetti's victory, left-wing members and older members began to return to Liberalia, notably Carops, Ardalia, Shimurasaki and others, stating that they had no returned because they and their views were "welcome" again.

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